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Discover Your Design Flare at Oriental Casa

Discover Your Design Flare at Oriental Casa

Designing and furnishing your home can be an incredibly daunting proposition. It isn’t just about choosing pretty pieces or unique conversation starters; it is about creating a functional space that reflects your lifestyle. The Team at Oriental Casa is a helpful and valuable resource for inspiration who will work with you to guide the design and furniture selection.

Create a Colour-based Design Plan

One successful approach used by professional interior designers is to consider redecorating utilizing a colour palette. Which colours do you want on your walls and for trim? Monochromatic? Bright? Earthy? Rustic or Traditional? Choosing a colour scheme as your starting point will help build your mood board and set the tone for your next steps.


Interior design mood board in green tonesCreate a mood board with tones, colours, and textures which capture your thoughts


The right accessories will make a significant impact on the feeling of a room. For instance, if you want to refresh your room, our Team can offer suggestions that can bring your vision to life. If you need drapery, custom carpets, and lighting fixtures, we have these also.


Design for Your Lifestyle

It is essential to choose a style that reflects your lifestyle. Family with children? Redecorating in a chic contemporary white, probably not the best idea! When it comes to furniture, choosing suitable fabrics will make a world of difference to the longevity and functionality of your space.

If you have an active family, entertain often, or have small children, you will need to consider high-performing fabrics with more texture or darker colours to protect your furniture from discolouration, staining, and overuse. Whatever your needs, Oriental Casa has the options for you.


A bedroom scene with a window and garden Add accents such as carpets, pillows, and fixtures to refresh a bedroom


Design for Your Space

It is easy to get excited about choosing your new furniture, but sometimes that can lead you to make choices that are way too big for your space—or way too small. During your consultation, bring your room dimensions, what your ideas are, and what your taste is. Together we will figure out what size and style of furniture will best suit your needs. 

Two images of living rooms with contemporary colouringLighting can impact a rooms ambiance dramatically. While the above appears to be two different rooms, it is the same room but with warm and cool lighting!


Create a Tasteful and Stylish Room

If you cannot decide on a colour scheme, try the ‘theme’ approach to design. There are many ways to approach a new style. One way is to consider furniture in shades of cream and off-white paired with natural elements such as bamboo or bonsai; white walls look amazing with bright, primary coloured paintings and brass accent pieces for modern appeal; or keep it contemporary with minimal colours, dark wood furniture, and carefully selected accessories in metals. Oriental Casa offers a range of styles, from traditional Chinese to modern ‘East Meets West’ elements, to suit your taste and style. 

Use the button below to book an appointment with one of our Team members at our Showroom in the beautiful South Granville shopping district. We would love to provide a private consultation with one of our in-house designers to help place all of your ideas into one cohesive plan.



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