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Home is Where the Feng Shui Is

Home is Where the Feng Shui Is

There is nothing more enticing at the end of a long day than heading home to relax and unwind—a warm, inviting place where we can leave the stress of work and worries at the door. Let the Oriental Casa in-house Design Team work with you to create a home that radiates a sense of calm and mindfulness by incorporating a few principles of Feng Shui.

Over 3,000 years ago in China, Feng Shui was developed with four fundamental principles that help establish a living space that is functional and serene. This ancient art comes from interacting and observing nature. The English translation of the term is Feng, meaning ‘wind’ and Shui, which means ‘water’ in Chinese.

By purposely creating our spaces using aspects of Feng Shui, you will be able to transform your home into a haven of relaxation.


Tea service is set-up in a room with draperyA warm gathering place on the side of the Dining Room.


Here is our guide for adding Feng Shui philosophy to your home.

Feng Shui Basic Principles


  • The Commanding Position 

The first suggestion is the position of yourself to the furniture that will occupy the space. The placement of each piece of furniture can add or inhibit the flow of energy in the room. Following Feng Shui, place the main piece of furniture in the room in view of the door. The belief is that if your back is turned to the entrance, the flow of energy will be stifled. The second direction is to not line the piece up with the entrance either.


Oriental Casa A luxury living room with view of the cityEnsure that your back is always towards a wall or window.


  • The Five Elements

Feng Shui masters speak of the energy flow in our lives and in our spaces, which is called Chi. It represents universal energy, which is tied to our energy. Incorporating five vital elements in our home is meant to replicate the power of Chi and promote the health and vitality of home and family.

Wood, fire, earth, metal and water each providing unique properties and energy to our spaces. These qualities are represented through colours, sounds, compass directions, and plants.

Now that we have all this basic knowledge about the foundations of Feng Shui let’s put it into practice!


Find Feng Shui in Your Home


  • Keeping it Simple 

Feng Shui emphasizes the importance of removing chaos from your life through the creation of clean neutral spaces throughout your home. It is important to set-up and decorate each room using minimalist thinking to stay true to the philosophy.

Opt for elegant and opulent pieces for those that are warm and comforting. Create a positive flow in your home by using minimal décor to remove the chaos of over-design and clutter.


A small tea table with chairs in a large roomA spacious room with minimal furniture and earth elements.


  • Creating a Gathering Spot

If you have a large Living Room, try arranging a smaller seating area to function as a gathering spot. While most homes have a television in this main room, Feng Shui principles say that the television should not be the focal point of the room or seating area, since the room’s design should promote conversation.

  • Combine Earth and Metal

Create an earthy feel with dark stained wood tabletops, shelves and chairs, combined with a contrast coloured sofa, for instance, try a cream or ivory leather for cushions. Be sure that the sofa is arranged to give you a view of the door so that when seated, your back is protected from behind by a solid wall or a large plant. Create a subtle contrast in the space by incorporating metal elements by use of decorative pieces, lighting fixtures, and carpeting with gold or silver threads.


A desk set with wall unit in front of mountain wallpaperIncorporate natural woods and earthy elements into décor.


Decluttering Your Space


In the Living Room, use a cabinet to keep the television and all its cables inside. Technology can be distracting to engagement and conversation. Do not overwhelm the sofa with too many pillows. Keep the fabrics soft and without too bright colours. Be a minimalist when it comes to adding home décor, perhaps creating small captivating vignettes over large statement pieces.


Two chairs flank a mirror and small tableUse natural elements, like a bonsai, and earthenware décor to create vignettes.


In your bedroom, let the bed be the focal point. Ensure that the floors are kept clean and remove unnecessary clutter. These tips will encourage sound sleeping. 


A bedroom with bed and large windowsThe headboard of your bed should be against a solid wall.


Choosing Neutral Tones


Allow the living room to be a focus area where relationships are formed by incorporating neutral tones. Additionally, use about three to five colours throughout the home, and only one of those colours should be bold to stimulate conversation.

A luxury home doesn’t need to be boring! Let Oriental Casa apply the principles of the ancient art of Feng Shui into your home. With our Design Team and an extensive catalogue of beautiful, practical items, together, we can promote prosperity and relaxation for you and your family.



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