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Five Decorating Hacks for Small Spaces

Five Decorating Hacks for Small Spaces

Condo living in the Lower Mainland is the reality of homeownership for a large part of west coasters. While their locations may be convenient by the beach, close to a favourite restaurant or near a relaxing park, these tiny abodes often present a design and décor challenge. Luckily, there is an abundance of decorating tips to help you make the most of even the smallest spaces. Keep in mind that a small space doesn’t mean you need to lose style and functionality. 

Here are five decorating and design hacks to keep front-of-mind when furnishing or updating your small space.


A room with artwork and a couch with abstract carpet.Keeping wall colours light and neutral showcases the design and presence of the furnishings.


Go Light & Bright

To create a focus on your beautiful furniture, incorporate a palette of light, bright and breezy colours and tones throughout your condo. Begin with your choice of paint and do not neglect the ceiling as it needs as much attention as the walls.

At Oriental Casa, our furniture palette is a rich, lush, and nature inspired. Our sustainable woods are customizable with stains that range from a deep black to translucent. Our leather is available in a wide selection, including an eye-pleasing cherry red leather and a barely-there light smoky grey, with finishes including pebbled and smooth. Perhaps it is the Nigerian rosewood that benefits the most from the right lighting—paired with the right pale neutral tones of your wall colour and finishes—your space will feel less crowded. The lighter tones can also be offset with delightful accent pieces such as artwork, accent lighting, cushions, and area rugs.


Long view of a living room with Chinese furniture and abstract carpet.A minimalist theme is achieved with key pieces like this Chinese inspired set.


Let There Be Light

Taking advantage of natural light is an instant fix that brightens and opens your small space. Suitable window coverings will add an extra layer of softness and texture to a room. Choose sheer, neutral-toned curtains or blinds to allow in as much natural light as possible. Strategically placed floor and table lamps will brighten darker corners and be sure to choose lightbulbs that emit a warm glow.


Add the Brilliance of a Mirror

Mirrors may be one of the hardest working pieces of décor that you can add to a room! The benefits of placement in your space cannot be overstated. A mirror tricks the eye into thinking the room goes on and on by adding the illusion of depth and space. Play with using mirrors in your foyer, hallways and in the Living Room hang on opposite walls to bring more light in. Look for mirrors that have unique frames and sizing which can be tastefully arranged and that accent your other furniture and décor.  


A spacious room with a sculpture and unique Chinese furniture.It is amazing how the simplest pieces with a focal point (sculpture) creates harmony in a room.


Keeping It Uncluttered

Have you ever walked into your Living Room and thought—where did all this stuff come from? It is amazing how many things accumulate in our most frequented rooms over the course of a month—magazines, blankets, knick-knacks, and more. Keep these nesting tendencies in check with a regular declutter. While this may sound tedious, you will feel refreshed once finished. At Oriental Casa, our showroom is carefully laid-out into a series of sample spaces, that while tiny, have an open, comfortable feel by keeping décor to a minimum.


A bedroom with plants and large carpet.Each room in your home should be easy to traverse


Find Your Flow

If you are unable to make it from your front door to the back of your living space without tripping over something, it may be time to rethink your layout! Ensure there is an ease of movement to all major points of your condo by arranging furniture into zones that are complete and do not compete with one another. Our in-house design consultants are professionals who will work with you to create comfort and ease in your small space. Book an appointment now!

You are making mindful improvements to your small space that will pay-off stylishly and comfortably. Incorporate as many of the above tips (that make sense in your space) and experience a transformation in your home. Also, be sure to check out our Inspiration section for further design ideas!



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