Oriental Casa

Luxury - Comfort - Elegance

In 2012, the founder of 'Oriental Casa' strove to develop and provide a more valuable Chinese furniture brand that would appeal to the discerning home-owner and commercial developers. The final collection was launched in the flagship Oriental Casa in 2015, and we are proud to say the company has expanded to more than 100 retail stores in China. 

  The interpretation of the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style in a modern time was the influence of the line. Designers wished to develop and convey a collection with wider applications over tradition designs. With the understanding and appreciation of traditional culture combined with contemporary and modern design elements. The latest collection conveys a melding of 'East Meets West' and the combination of the past meeting the present. 

Our South Granville location is the first Oriental Casa to be established in North America.


Protecting the Environment

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a special and unique line of furniture that is timeless in design and built to last. We believe that the furniture industry is revolving back to the mindset of investing in their homes and comfort, and the idea that buying things that last is socially responsible and reduces our footprint, supporting sustainability. 

Some examples of how we have supported this idea are:

Our off-cuts of wood are sold and reused to minimize our footprint, as well as, help smaller businesses succeed.
We use water-based finishes from Germany reducing harmful toxins.
Our business cards are made from recovered cotton fibres and are completely tree free also reducing the amount of chemical processes.

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